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Sourdough Starter and Pizza - Via @HoserPizza

This recipe is courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/hoserpizza/

Details can be found: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSvFTZ3lTxP/

Feeding sourdough starter - Mix ingredients and place into jar with a loose fitting lid

25g sourdough starter

50g water

50g Miller’s Pride AP flour

Let sit for 4-6 hours until it peeks.


45g of peeked sourdough starter

180g of warm water (~35 Celcius)

225g flour

75g semola/semolina

10g sea salt

5g olive oil

Combine sourdough starter and water – mix until fully incorporated. Continue mixing and add salt and olive oil. Add flour and semola/semolina to the sourdough/water mixture and stir until all of the flour has been fully incorporated. Cover and let sit for 30minutes. Knead dough for 10 minutes before letting it sit (covered) for a final 30 minutes. Place in an air tight container, in the refrigerator, for 24-72 hours.

Remove from refrigerator 5 hours prior to bake and form into balls (approx. 275g each).

Tip: is your dough really sticky? Put some water on your hands

Preheat oven at 500° (ideally with a pizza stone or baking steel).

Place dough ball on a plate with semolina and coat both sides (this will help keep the ball from getting too sticky). Transfer ball to counter with a dusting of semolina and begin pressing the air from the centre to the edges of the pizza (stopping a few centimetres from the edge). Use any stretching technique to achieve the desired size (10-12").

If use a pizza peel, lightly dust the peel with flour, pull the pizza onto it and add toppings before launching onto the pizza stone/baking steel. Turn off oven and turn on broiler. Pizza is ready when you have the desired colour (approx. 6 mins).

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